1. astrangersstory:

Every stranger has a story.
All of us. We are just stories happening; Complex, highly-developed, characters… Protagonists… Walking around. Loving each other. Teaching each other. Learning from each other. Hating each other. Fucking each other. Living with each other. Not knowing each other. Just coexisting with each other.
That person who smiles at you as you pass by on the street. The ass-hole who bad-drives you on the highway. The barista who fulfils your order for a tall, venti, cafe mocha, because chocolate and makes you happy. The guy you used to love. That friend you fell out of touch with. Your soul-mate.
All stories.
Stories interacting with each other. Every now and then we fall into each other’s stories. Sometimes we stay… Most times we leave.
I wish it were possible, for the connectivity of us to physically manifest. So we can see… We’re like hundreds-of thousands-of millions of microscopic dew-beads on a spider-web. Glittering as we refract and reflect the light. Whole, little, worlds contained inside each of us. Filled with wonder. Filled with answers. Filled with possibility. All of us are stories.
Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the heartbreak that I can’t read, each and every single one of you.
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  3. llbwwb:

Chipmunk gives you a flower :) By:Happy Jack

I know… I’ve seen it many many times before.. but it just never gets old.
  4. Damn dizzle!!! That’s what you get for playing: You get PLAYED!!!
[and, hidden in the tooltip for the original comic, there is the message: “Son, don’t try to play ‘make you feel bad’ with the Michael Jordon of making you feel bad.”]
  5. androidnoises:

my favorite scene from a movie. ever.
  6. fromme-toyou:

I’ll never break up with you…
Happy Birthday to Of a Kind, it’s been a great year of working together and I couldn’t cherish our friendship any more than I already do!
  7. Just correcting the assumption, as the “two people = relationship” is culturally defined and is commonly rooted in religious foundations. In a demographic study of 1231 different cultures, only 186 (a very small minority) of those societies had a purely monogamous culture. But I guess some bitches haven’t studied history. [Wikipedia]
  8. It’s truly an impossibility. You form new neuronal connections every second. Even an attempt to sleep to prevent this progression would lead to dreams, and dreams remain in your memory just as if you’ve lived them. Even a psychic would not have the power to completely know another person. Now, to look at the opposite side… what a person CAN know is how your mind WORKS: reactions, responses, tendencies, traits, etc. To illustrate the difference, a person may never know every single band that you love, but they can know that you prefer dubstep with female vocalists. And there IS a person out there right now looking for you, who wants to love you and needs to understand you. So climb out of the box. They’ll never find you if you’re hiding inside there.
  9. I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set. promise.